Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Long-distance Kid

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Mother’s Day is on Sunday – it can be difficult for long-distance kids like me, since I can’t always visit for the weekend. Instead, I’ve sourced some creative, long-distance surprises for her. Now my biggest problem is deciding which to do!

Classic Flowers

Source a florist close to your mom and order a bouquet of Radiant Orchids – Pantone’s colour of the year. Ask for them to be delivered to her. Don’t forget to provide a personalized message!

Personalized Memento

Frame a photo of someplace you’ve traveled, your apartment door or office desk, or of you doing something you love and caption it with “If it weren’t for you… I never would have made it”. Mail it to your mom to show her the impact she’s had on your life.

Digital Brunch

Plan a brunch menu of her favourite food and schedule a time to chat on Sunday. You can both enjoy the same delicious meal while you talk. After all, the best gift you can give your mom is quality time, even if it’s through a computer.

Memory Jar

Print your favourite memories, experiences and life-lessons on fancy paper (think thicker, textured paper) and cut them into strips. Place them in a jar and mail it to your mom… she can open a new memory throughout the year when she needs a pick-me-up.

Book Club

Organize a book list you think your mom would enjoy. Purchase the first book and mail it to her with the complete list and a scheduled time for you and her to discuss the themes and plot twists of your lives… I mean, the first book. (If neither you nor her read, organize a wine club or a foodie club – the goal is to experience something new with your mom.)


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