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When life gives you lemons, no need to reach for tequila. They can be part of your every day in so many ways. Even simply enjoying a refreshing lemonade.

Before you purse your lips at the thought of lemons you may want to check out this list of amazing ways to use them throughout the day. This flavourful fruit packs incredible power in all sorts of ways.


Drink lemon water when you first wake up. The primary benefits are a high dose of Vitamin C and potassium, which help boost the immune system. Secondly, despite the acidic taste, lemons have a very alkalizing effect on the body. Diseases and illnesses thrive in acidic environments. Boosting your bodies alkalinity with lemon water helps you fend off sickness. Jump start your body for the day.


With warmer weather approaching keep a little container of lemon juice in your bathroom. Wiping a few drops of juice over your face removes oil and reduces shine. Put your best face forward each day.


Not just for eating and cleaning, lemons can be used to make an array of decorations. The bright, fun yellow is refreshing to look at and packs a punch of colour. Make centerpieces by laying some leafy foliage on the table with lemons placed on the leaves for a pop of playful colour. Use them as vases by inserting daisies or your favorite little flowers in the middle.

Let lemons pull double duty as both food and serving dish. Cut them in half, scoop out the flesh, freeze and use them as serving bowls for sorbet. A perfect summertime treat! Hosting a bridal shower or a party? Pack little jars with your favourite home-made scrub for your guests.


Lemons are a perfect addition to the kitchen. Main course meats can be marinated or sprayed with juice to keep them moist while cooking. Add a few slices to garnish the plate. Lemons make great desserts like these Frosted Lemon Treats! Increase flavour, reduce fat, reduce salt. The perfect secret ingredient.

Lemons are a staple. From health benefits – improving heart health, weight loss, preventing kidney stones – to the first aid benefits of a natural antiseptic, reducing the pain of sunburns and burns to stopping minor bleeding. To, of course, lifting your spirits with their bright colours and fresh scent. Brighten any day with lemons!

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Freelance writer and lifelong learner, Rebecca Hinchcliffe loves the art of storytelling. Swapping stories over meal prep and making new memories by dessert, she enjoys the simple pleasures with good friends. Cooking and creating are her two favourite past times. Sharing experiences via the written word a close third.

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