I have a small kitchen. Which utensils should I buy?

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Have you ever been transfixed by those infomercials selling pans that will never stick no matter how often you use them, or the blender that will also chop, slice and dust your house? They’re so tempting. I must admit that even I fell for one. I bought a non-stick pan that lost its sheen (and its non-stickiness) within 6 months of use. Serves me right, I suppose. What could I have possibly expected. Oh well. You don’t need all that stuff anyway. When you’ve got a small kitchen, the key is to pare down all the excess. You don’t need dishes for a party of 20. Assuming you’re also living in a small home, where would you put all those people anyway? If you have the luxury of storage space, go ahead, buy everything you want. You’re sure to use each appliance, gadget or utensil at least once over the course of several years. I have some of those, too. I own a pizzelle maker. When was the last time I made pizzelle? Well, I don’t actually remember. But, it doesn’t matter. I love my pizzelle maker, and I’m not getting rid of it no matter how small my kitchen may be. But, enough about me. Below, I’ve listed a number of items I think are absolutely essential in any kitchen. Beyond that, what you choose to buy should be based on how you cook and not on impulse. If you never bake, don’t bother buying any baking utensils, and so on. You get the idea.
– 1 set measuring spoons
– 1 set dry measuring cups
– 1 liquid measuring cup
– 2 mixing bowls, one large, one medium
– 2 cutting boards
– 1 chef’s knife
– 1 bread knife
– 1 wooden spoon or spatula
– 1 vegetable peeler
– 1 colander
– 1 grater
– 1 can opener
– 1 pair of tongs
– 1 set of pots and pans

Have I missed any you think are essential? Let me know.


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