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November is National Health Food Month

A handful of nuts as a snack. Brown rice instead of white. Fatty fish every Friday. Maintaining a healthy diet can be as simple as switching to foods that are not as processed and refined. I’m sure you’ve heard over and over that only are these whole foods healthier but that they also may lower the risk from certain chronic diseases. So, why don’t more of us follow through? Time, convenience, ready recipes? These are all valid reasons for me, and I suspect, for most people. But, I’ve got some tips that I’ve been slowly implementing that might help you, too.

Whole foods are in the spotlight this week as the Canadian Health Food Association celebrates National Health Food Month, an annual initiative that focuses on natural health and organic products. The point of the event is to broaden our awareness of the benefits of eating healthy food. In the spotlight this week will be Omega 3 fatty acids and organic products.


Go Nuts – Well, maybe not completely nuts — you know, too much of a good thing and all that. But, research has shown that snacking on nuts improves blood lipid levels.
Get Whole – Eat whole grains, like brown rice instead of white rice and whole grain pasta instead of white, can go a long way in reducing your risk for type 2 diabetes.
Eat Fish – Enjoying fatty fish, like salmon, sardines and mackerel, at least once each week has been associated with a reduced risk for breast cancer.

Not sure if the products in your shopping cart are unprocessed, natural and organic?

The first step is to spend most of your grocery shopping time around the perimeter of the store. Fill your cart with fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat. Then, follow the aisle around and pick up some dairy, eggs and frozen fruit and veggies. Go shopping with a list of specific ingredients you need for your weekday recipes, and you’ll find that your wallet is healthier, too.

Next, look for labels that indicate the product is officially organic under Canada’s federally regulated system.


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