Entertaining in Your 20s: Five Tips to Throw Your First Cocktail Party

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A first cocktail party can give you a reputation, whether it is for your ingenuity in providing an enjoyable evening or for making everyone run away with excuses. Simple tips can ensure that your first cocktail party is memorable and that your skills as a host look effortless.


A party theme invites intrigue and entices your guests to attend. A special occasion isn’t necessary for you to have an interesting theme. Host an “Arrival of Spring,” “Speakeasy Cocktail Party,” “A 50s Evening” or some other decade for your party. A theme also makes it easier to make other decisions.


You can purchase invitations, create your own or send email invites that you personalize with clip art. However you decide to announce your party, use invitations that complement the theme. Include the style of dress, whether it’s casual, semi-formal or formal. People in their twenties usually have questions about what is appropriate, particularly when attending someone’s first party.

Finger Foods & Liquor

Themes help prevent you from emptying your wallet to serve appetizing food and beverages. If you have a wine and cheese party, crusty French bread, a few varieties of cheese and fruits are all that are necessary. Margaritas or mojitos, tacos, chips, dips and a yummy dessert such as flan are all that is necessary for a Mexican-inspired evening. If your friends love horses, have a derby-inspired party with mint juleps, finger sandwiches, fruit kabobs and chocolates. These types of cocktail parties help your guests know what to expect and the invitations will whet their appetites.

Decorations and Music

Don’t go overboard with the decorations and keep the theme-inspired music down to a low roar. People go to these types of parties to network, mingle with old friends or make new acquaintances, so they need to be able to converse easily. Use cocktail napkins and cover the buffet table with an attractive tablecloth that works well with your theme. A few strategically placed candles in the room help set the mood for an evening full of lively conversation and fun.

Safety Is Mandatory

If you have space for overnight guests, be sure to have your guest rooms ready for those who may overindulge at the party. If space is limited or you have no desire for a sleepover, simply make plans to provide safe transportation home for those guests.

Ensure that your guests have a memorable evening by relaxing and enjoying the party yourself. After all, if you don’t fret over small mishaps, no one else is likely to notice them either.


Contributing writer for Quench Style, Clara loves long walks downtown and enjoying the little things.

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