DIY Wall Clocks that will have you questioning the advent of Digital?

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With the advent of the digital time piece, eye-catching wall clocks are becoming a rare sight. When you have devices flashing the time at you, a wall clock seems redundant. But they’re not – they can be beautiful, attractive focal points. Making your own will makes a great conversation piece – and a unique way to immortalize sentimental items. (Note: you’ll need a clock kit for the gears and mechanics.)

Cork It

Collect your corks and make your very own cork clock. My suggestions for the face numbers: labels cut into the appropriate shapes; or wine stains added through a stencil. Bonus points if you make it large enough to use as a message board as well.

Retro Vinyl

Have a few records in storage that you’ve kept around for posterity’s sake? Transform them into an attractive and retro vinyl clock. Make it shiny by cleaning and coating the record with clear paint. My suggestion for the numbers: don’t have any; or if you must, use different coloured guitar picks.

Sparkling Memories

Commemorate your first car or bicycle by immortalizing the hub caps or wheel as a wall clock. Polish the metal until it gleams – for stainless steel, use an emery compound to remove the scratches, pits and rust; then buff it up with a non-waxy polish. Add the mechanics and mount it on your wall. Just make sure you have a strong enough hook and that you install it on a stud.

Buttons & Marbles

There are some really interesting buttons and marbles out there in the world. Put them on display by sewing the buttons on an embroidery board; or superglue the marbles to a decorative plate or board. Super-size your clock by slicing croquet balls in half and mounting them on your wall.


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