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I came across this deal offered by Delta Hotels and Resorts recently, and I couldn’t help but think that it would be great for people who love to travel. Because I was away from the garden the last couple of years, it’s been overrun by weeds. So, in order to bring it back into shape, it’s looking like any travel I do in 2010 is going to be all about the day-trip. That’s why an offer like Delta’s might actually be really useful.

The deal is that “members earn 50 percent off summer travel after only two stays”. Yes, I, too, am somewhat dubious of anything that requires membership in order to receive the discounts. But, I have to admit that this does look pretty good. Here’s how it works. Delta doesn’t work on a points system, which is good. I get pretty frustrated sometimes by points-based awards. Usually, I just don’t spend enough money to earn enough points; so, I rarely get the full benefits.

Here’s what Delta says, “Delta Privilege recognizes members with enhanced treatment and services with every stay. Free to join, Delta Privilege is a multi-tiered program, including Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus+ levels, offering a corresponding set of benefits. To start, membership begins with free in-room high-speed Internet, an early check-in service, priority wait list and exclusive benefits from Hertz and Air Canada. [Right, almost every hotel offers those, right. It does get better, though.] Additional benefits include hotel credits that may be applied towards room, dining and meeting room charges, complimentary breakfasts, guaranteed reservations and more.” Now, that sounds a bit better doesn’t it?

Check out Delta for more info.


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