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Your dining room can be the center of your home or a place for special gatherings. Choosing the right table can be challenging, but it all comes down to four elements: size, shape, material and style.

Size Matters

Before you go shopping for any large piece of furniture, measure your space. Make note of the length and width available for the table. You should have three feet of free space around the table when it is fully extended.

Another consideration is how many people you can seat. You’ll want to aim for something that can seat at least six people comfortably.

Shape Up

Rectangular is the most common. Others include oval, octagonal, square and round. Each shape has a different effect on the dining experience. Rectangular accommodates several guests at once. Round and square promote easy conversation. These are also cozy and can be enlarged. Oval and octagonal add visual depth to a room; use in boring dining rooms, without any interesting focal points.

The Making Of…

Solid wood is durable and long lasting, and the most expensive. High quality veneer has a thick core with wood legs. It splits less than solid wood, though peeling edges and blistered surfaces are a risk. Hide nicks with light wood and distressed finishes; avoid glass tops if you have small children, you will never keep the glass clean.

It’s all about style

Traditional dining room tables are rich colours and have ornate, carved legs. Country inspired tables have distressed oak or maple wood finishes, trestles and chunky constructions. Cottage dining room tables are white or pastel painted and have a pedestal base. Modern tables have metal – stainless steel or chrome – finishes or are dark brown or black.


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