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At the tender age of twenty-three, in 2002, Chef Scott Geiring opened Carambola Bistro. The highly-rated restaurant – known for its fusion creations, open kitchen and interactive dining experience – is located in the heart of the picturesque village of Hudson, Québec.

Chef Scott was happy to talk to us and offer his personal tips and advice.

Good food is one of life’s simpler pleasures, especially when cooking with fresh, quality ingredients. We all want the “trade secrets” on how to prepare the best meals at the most affordable prices. For myself, I would have to say the two most essential tips I can offer would first be attention to the quality of the ingredients and second, the presentation of the plate.

Preparing a meal at home is an investment of both time and money. We research a restaurant before dining, usually browsing the menu, prices and reading countless reviews. Why should we not allot the same amount of effort into the meals we prepare for ourselves?

You will find that asking the right people- your local market vendors, butchers, fishmonger or the chef of your favourite local restaurant – can be very helpful. The reason your fish keeps falling apart on the grill probably has nothing to do with your cooking capabilities; you may be using the wrong type of fish. If your salad is just not right, the solution could be as straightforward as the type of olive oil you are using. And, if you are looking to dazzle your guests with a steak tartar, you may be surprised at how simple and delicious it can be once your butcher recommends the right cut of beef.

As far a presentation goes, get inspired by what you see. It could be a dish that you have tried before at a restaurant or seen while reading through the pages of your favourite cooking magazine. Have fun with it! This is the part of cooking where there is no wrong answer. If you are using seasonal ingredients, the colours on the plate will do most of the work for you!

– Scott Geiring

Carambola Bistro – 72 Cameron, Hudson, QC, 450.458.0098


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