Nightmare in Napa

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Following previous titles in the Ezra Brant murder mystery series such as Blood Is Thicker Than Beaujolais, The Beast of Barbaresco, and Death on the Douro, Canadian wine writing icon Tony Aspler has just released Nightmare in Napa: 

Peripatetic wine writer Ezra Brant’s visit to Napa from Toronto starts off badly when he runs afoul of a biker gang. And it goes downhill from there when he stumbles on a corpse.

Who killed a young Napa billionaire and left him in a vineyard for wine writer Ezra Brand to find? Ezra needs to track down his murderer because the police think he did it.

Murder, gang warfare and a beautiful blonde winemaker are just three of the things that Ezra Brant must deal with on this California visit… The local police are on his case too.

Get the book to find out! 

About the Author

Tony Aspler has been writing about wine for 45 years. He has authored or contributed to 16 books on wine food and written eleven novels. He was awarded the Order of Canada (2007) and was the first Canadian to be inducted into the New York Media Wine Writers Hall of Fame. Tony was awarded with the Queen’s Jubilee Medal and in 2017, he was awarded Spain’s Officers Cross of the Order of Civil Merit. In February 2001, Tony co-founded a charitable foundation, Grapes for Humanity, which raises money through wine for the victims of landmines and children in need.


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