Enjoy The Irish Sour this Saint Patrick’s Day

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The Irish Sour

Still getting over all the fun you had with scotch on Robbie Burns Day? Not to fear, Saint Paddy’s Day is almost here. Though the day holds great cultural and religious significance – commemorating the arrival of Christianity to Ireland – in practical terms, it commemorates the shifting from Scotch Whisky to Irish Whiskey (not to mention the addition of the “e”).

While there’s been a resurgence of newer distilleries in Ireland, the Emerald Isle’s whiskey landscape is still dominated by but a few of the large players. Of those players, Jameson Irish Whisky is likely the first one that comes to most people’s minds.

Triple distillation gives Irish whiskies a rather delicate, gentle character, and Jameson Irish Whiskey reflects these attributes in textbook fashion. It’s an easy-sipping whiskey that will appeal to a wide range of palettes, but it can also be used as the base for some creative cocktails. Take The Irish Sour as one such mix-at-home example.

The recipe sent to me shows liquid measurements in ounces. I’ve revised it somewhat to put it into more “Irish” proportions.*

The Irish Sour

1 quart McGuinness® Melon
2 quarts Jameson® Irish Whiskey
3 quarts soda water
Lime (a wedge if being made “by the recipe.” A whole lime, quartered, if using “Irish” measures)

Add all ingredients to a rock glass (original) or pail (Irish) filled with ice. Stir. Garnish with lime wedge/quarters. Stir. Enjoy. Maybe sleep.

*To stick to the original recipe proportions, replace “quart” with “ounce” in the above. This is advisable for Irish and non-Irish alike.

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