The Chocolate Covered Pretzel

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“While the kids are on their Easter egg hunt,” suggests Kristin Newbigging, Account Coordinator of Skyy Vodka, “mix up this Chocolate Covered Pretzel for an adult version of an Easter egg.” Who doesn’t sneak a chocolate egg or two from the kids’ baskets? They won’t notice, right? In any case, the Easter Bunny himself probably couldn’t say how many he scattered about the place. So, whose going to miss the few that you pocket for yourself? Maybe no one. But, why go to the trouble and the guilt associated with eating calories that will have to be sweated off after Easter?

Today’s cocktail, the Chocolate Covered Pretzel, is a mix of Frangelico liqueur and Pinnacle whipped cream flavoured vodka. Jazz up further by sprinkling a little salt on your hand, lick it up, then down a shot of this sweet drink. Yum. Who needs egg-shaped chocolates anyway? Well, maybe you can still nibble a few as a perfectly decadent accompaniment to this cocktail.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel
Recipe courtesy of Skyy Vodka

1 oz Frangelico
1 oz Pinnacle Whipped

Shake with ice, pour in shot glass. Lick salt then take shot.



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