Drinkmate adds sparkle to your beverages

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Drinkmate carbonating machine

Calling all bubbleheads (yes, I’m talking to you)! Want to put more fizz in your fluids? Any fluids? The Drinkmate carbonated drink maker adds some sparkle into any liquid you choose quickly, easily and without using electricity… or any real moving parts.

The secret to the unit’s unique ability carbonate everything from water to juice, to tea, coffee, cocktails, and even wine, is the patented Fizz Infuser – a multi-stage, dual valve pressurizing system that incorporates both a CO2 gas inlet and a pressure release mechanism. By adjusting the fill level of the BPA-free Drinkmate bottle, and the duration of each CO2 burst, you can also control the carbonation level.

It’s dead simple to use: attach the refillable gas canister, fill the bottle with desired fluid, attach to the Fizz Infuser, and carbonate until you hear the “hiss” of the release valve. Detach the Fizz Infuser unit, cap and you’re done. The slim design takes up minimal counter space, and cleaning the unit is straightforward.

Though you won’t be able (for about a half dozen geographical, physical and legal reasons) to “sparkle a white wine to turn it into Champagne” (as the tutorial video on www.idrinkProducts.com suggests), you certainly can turn a still white (or red or rosé) wine into a sparkling one, or “refizz” a bubbly that’s gone flat (assuming you ever have a sparkling wine open for that long).

The Drinkmate Kit, which includes a three-ounce gas canister, is currently selling on the company’s website.

Drinkmate Machine Kit with 3-oz Test Cylinder / $99.95

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