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Earth Day makes me feel guilty. I look around me and notice that my desk lamp is on despite the fact that the sun is shining its bright light through my office window, and the radio is playing even though I’m not really listening to it. If I got up and walked around a bit, it probably wouldn’t take me long to find even more environmental infractions. But, I guess part of the purpose of Earth Day is to make us at least aware of the spaces in which we work and live, which is why I’m turning off the lamp and the radio.

For sure, there’s a lot I can do to be more environmentally conscious on a day-to-day basis and many resources offer helpful tips on achieving just that. Eating locally and organically has become, by now, so commonplace that grocery stores go to great lengths in providing products that fit that bill. Environmental stewardship is a mantra that many in the wine industry have been living by for years as well. So, the next time I pour myself a glass of something or other, I know I’m doing something to support our good old Earth.

Lately, I’ve been comparing organic wines and discovering how great they can taste. Clos de la Coulée de Serrant in France’s Loire Valley has gone completely biodynamic with the help of famed winemaker Nicolas Joly, and has won accolades as a result. Likening the cellar to a womb, Joly argues that in order to get the most from the grapes, the winemaker must “step back and rediscover … the importance that agriculture plays in the quality of wine and the full expression of its site….” Niagara’s Southbrook Vineyards holds the distinction of being Canada’s first biodynamic winery, and continues to produce a long line of great wines. Stellar Winery in South Africa is also a multi-award winning organic winery. So you see, there’s a lot of choice out there. As a consumer, I’m focused on searching out organic and biodynamic wine from near and far. Wine from every region in the wine-making world is going to feature nuances particular to that area. Since I may not be able to travel to those places and taste wine in its natural habitat, my local wine store makes it easy for me to sample what the earth in every country can create.

Start here:

Emiliana Adobe Reserva Merlot 2013, Chile (Earth Day Limited Edition Organic) $12.95

13.5% Alcohol
Appearance: Deep, dark garnet red
Bouquet: Fresh red berries, violets and clove with nuances of bell pepper.
Taste: Herbaceous with slight sour cherry.
Pairing: would match up well with beef potpie or duck breast with herbs.

Emiliana Adobe Reserva Sauvignon Blanc 2014, Chile (Earth Day Limited Edition Organic) $12.95

12.5% Alcohol
Appearance: Pale golden
Bouquet: loads of grass and bean sprouts, with a hint of Easter Lilly
Taste: gooseberry with notes of lemon zest and white peach on the finish
Pairing: would make the perfect poolside or patio sipper; goes well with any light fair from seafood appetizers to simple grilled chicken.


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