Become A Mixologist: Create your very own signature cocktail

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‘Tis the season for beach parties, garden parties and of course weddings!

I have attended a few this summer (as I do most summers) and I can say – with reasonable authority – that what always stands out for me, are the little extra touches.

One wedding trend that continues to gain popularity is the signature cocktail. With a little thought and some help from your event planner, caterer or bartender, you can create a cocktail for your guests that will leave them with a good taste in their mouth…pun intended.

Last year, I worked with my brother and sister-in-law to create two nuptial drinks that perfectly reflected them. They were served during cocktail hour and were enjoyed by all. A little drink menu at the bar had let guests know what they were drinking and the thought behind it.

In hindsight, a perfect parting gift for guests could have been a set of his and her glasses and the recipes…

Here are their signature cocktails, for inspiration. Feel free to drop me a line if you need some tips for your own creation. Cheers!

Wedding Bells – Jessica’s White Cosmo

Wedding Bells – Sean’s Ginger-Whiskey Tipple


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