Caesar, the quintessential Canadian cocktail

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Spicy Caesar Cocktail

The Caesar is a staple of Canadian alcoholic beverages. Since its creation, it has swept across the nation and to become a national favourite. However, it doesn’t receive too much love outside of Canada, except for the odd reference in the United States, and according to an anecdote from the New York Times it brings Canadians together across the globe!

This interesting vodka drink didn’t become the beloved Canadian cocktail that it is today until 1969. That was when Walter Chell, a bartender and restaurant manager in Calgary, finally landed the perfect mixture to take the previously imagined clam-juice cocktail and turn it into the renowned Caesar cocktail.

A Match Mixed in Heaven

Caesar’s rise birthed a new relationship as well. Around the same time the Canadian cocktail emerged, so too did Mott’s “Clamato”. Mostly produced in the United States, the New York Times has reported that one-third of all North American sales come from Canada as a direct result of the concoction known as the Caesar.

Now-a-days Clamato attempts to inspire creativity in the Caesar cocktail world by venturing away from purely tomato-and-clam juice and introducing various different “flavours”. Everything from extra spicy tomato to pickled bean Clamato, these styles became yet another way to enjoy the Caesar. This means the cocktail is even more versatile, which is just another reason for it to receive the love it does.

A Cocktail of Possibility

Once you’re introduced to the Caesar, you can explore new recipes and experiment to add your own twist. People have invented new and exciting ways to enjoy Canada’s cocktail. While Clamato does get creative with their flavouring, bartenders and individual Caesar drinkers love to experiment flavours and develop their own twists. From the sweet blueberry, to the hot sauce and jalapeño-filled fireworks, there are always new flavours to try. As you explore the world of Caesars, maybe you’ll find your new favourite!


Jacob Greenwood is a freelance writer and photographer who followed his journalism goal at Carleton University. When he is not looking up new spicy recipes he is searching for creative ways to use food!

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