5 minimalist cocktails to make at home

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five minimalist cocktails

Prior to the entire country being on lockdown if you wanted a fancy cocktail, all you had to do was take a hike to the nearest local bar but alas now that is not so. Now it involves an arduous process involving face masks, social distancing and waiting in line – as a result many of us are choosing to skip it and just stay home. Sure, you can order fancy wine online, but what about when you’re looking for something in a pinch Here’s the answer to your prayers: five minimalist cocktails.

These drinks contain as few ingredients as possible and the best part is, they’re made with items you probably already have at home.

Water from the river Ganges

Take a sip of water from the river Ganges—not literally though. While this drink does resemble muddy water, it sure doesn’t taste like it.

1 oz orange juice
2 oz vodka (Stolichnaya, if you have it)
4 oz Coca-Cola

Add one quarter of a lime at the bottom of a highball glass and two ice cubes. Pour vodka, orange juice and soda into the glass. Swirl around that murky mess and there you have a sweet, strong cocktail.


Put some metaphorical hair on your chest with the afterburner.

1 oz Absolute vodka
1/2 oz Tabasco sauce (you could probably substitute any hot sauce)

But wait – it’s not just a glorified Caesar without salt, it’s a bit more exciting than that. Pour one shot of vodka and 1/2 shot of tabasco in two different glasses, take the vodka shot then the tabasco. You’ll definitely feel the burn with this one.

Chocolate Slam

If you want something extra sweet, try a Chocolate slam

1 part vodka
1 part chocolate syrup
6 part Coca-Cola (but you can use whichever brand is handy in the house)

First add the chocolate syrup to the bottom of a highball glass, mix in vodka and cola and enjoy a sweet burst of chocolate flavour with every sip.

The Alex Tribek

While it may not be as classy as the man himself, this cocktail is still pretty fun.

1 oz cheap vodka
1 oz vanilla extract

Pour both together in a shot glass and recite: ‘and now your double jeopardy categories are cheap vodka and vanilla extract or whatever categories you want really, just make sure you toss back a good one after the categories.


Last but certainly not least: The screwdriver – a classic served not only in fancy glasses at bars around the world but also in red-solo cups at college house parties. From cocktail connoisseur to wide-eyed newbie, the screwdriver is a fond favourite for many.

1 1/2 oz vodka
4 oz orange juice

Grab some vodka and pour out into a highball glass over two ice cubes, add the orange juice and prepare for smooth sippin’.

Whether you’re stuck in the house and just need a cocktail, or you’re an essential worker who needs a break after a long day, these five easy minimalist cocktails are the perfect thing for you when you need to relax and unwind but you don’t have fancy bitters or liqueurs on-tap.


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