Bros’ recipes for Spaghetti Scorranese and Pasta burro rancido e bottarga

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Floriano Pellegrino & Isabella Poti of Bros’ in Lecce Italy

Spaghetti Scorranese


  • 140 gr spaghetti
  • 50 gr pesto of dried tomatoes
  • 20 gr extra virgin olive oil
  • 5 gr of anchovy sauce
  • 3 gr oregano
  • 5 gr salted capers
  • 20 gr breadcrumbs
  • 10 gr cacio ricotta cheese

For Pesto:

  • 77 gr of dried tomatoes rehydrated
  • 10gr olive oil
  • 5 gr red vinegar
  • 2 gr oregano
  • 2 gr chilli pepper
  • 3 gr garlic
  • 2 basil leaves
  • 1 gr salt


  • In a litre of water, dissolve 10 grams of salt, cook the pasta.
  • In the meantime create the Scorranese sauce. Make a pesto of dried tomatos, blend a dried tomatoes with oil, red vinegar, chili pepper, salt, garlic.
  • Blend the pesto of dried tomatoes with the oil, add the anchovy sauce, oregano, capers and breadcrumbs.
  • Drain the pasta, mix in a bowl with the sauce, serve and add with a sprinkling of cheese

Pasta Burro Rancido e Bottarga



  • 4 ziti pasta (40 cm of length)
  • 4l water
  • 40g salt


• Put the water to boil with the salt.

• Cook the ziti for 10’ minutes, drain the ziti and put in water and ice with the 10% of salt, drain and dry the ziti and refrigerate with cling wrap to make them straight.

• Cut to a size of 5cm and use 6 units per person.

Butter Emulsion


  • 25g rancid butter
  • 10g of jerez vinegar
  • 25g of milk
  • 50g of seed oil
  • 10g of chicken broth
  • 2 g of Chardonnay reduction


Put all the ingredients in the container, and mix with a hand-blender.

Chardonnay Reduction


  • 100g of Chardonnay
  • 50g of white vinegar
  • 15g chopped shallot


Put everything together in a pot and cook until reduced by half. Drain and keep.


Dehydrated grated bottarga for one day.  


• After having cooked the pasta, put it in a bowl with the emulsion of rancid butter at room temperature and turn until the pasta is well seasoned with the emulsion.

• Put the pasta next to each other and move on to a little tray with an oven paper and dust with dry bottarga.

• Remove from the tray and with the help of a spatula and plate.


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