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Travelling the culinary highway, you may find yourself at the intersection of art and science. That is where you’ll meet chef Angus An.

By 2006, Angus had completed a degree in Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia and the French Culinary Institute in New York, and was exercising his creative muscle at successive Michelin-star restaurants across Europe and Canada before putting down roots in Vancouver with his own restaurant, Gastropod. Winning Best New Restaurant. Angus was only 27 years old at the time. His aim then, and still to this day, was to ensure that the ingredients spoke for themselves. In doing so, his restaurant became a champion of local farmers, sustainable cuisine and in-house-made food.

By 2009, the economy had taken a nose-dive. Yet, while other restaurants had to shut their doors, Angus was not one to cower. In fact, difficult challenges push him to exceed his best. Angus saw an opportunity for growth. He, with the help and support of his wife, Kate, turned his eye towards something he’d always loved – Thai cuisine. He re-named his restaurant Maenum, and set about applying the principals of modern cuisine to the colours and flavours of Thai ingredients. Again, Angus hit the mark – winning Best New Restaurant for the second time.

Along with spectacular fare, Maenaum has become a gallery of sorts. It’s a place where diners can enjoy the artistry of the assembled dish followed by the taste of the exquisite flavours which have been put together so masterfully. Visit him here:

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