#MavChat15: Talk with Chef Nick Nutting and Chef Edgar Gutierrez

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Slight Change in plans! Tomorrow (Wednesday, September 30) at 7pm EDT, we’ll be meeting up with Chef Edgar Gutierrez of Rostizado (Edmonton, AB) and Jorge Barandiaran, front of house manager at Wolf in the Fog (Tofino, BC) to talk food, restaurant bizz and other chef-y things.

Chef Nick Nutting’s colleague Barandiaran will be stepping in give us a front of house perspective on the working in the restaurant bizz.

You can follow the chat and take part in the discussion by following the hashtag #mavchat15 on Twitter or joining us on Crowdchat – http://www.via-cc.at/83cge (hit that link and sign in with your Twitter, Facebook or Linked In account to participate!). You can also follow below.

We’ve prepared our questions – read through them below. If you have any additional questions for our chefs or have something you want to share in response to one of the questions, please do!

See you online!

#Mavchat15 Questions

  1. What is it that makes a restaurant successful (or popular)?
  2. How do you keep people coming back to your restaurant?
  1. Big city versus small town – what are the differences when it comes to making the menu or managing the kitchen?
  2. Is there a specific ingredient or ingredients that get you excited to create a new dish?
  3. If you can’t get an ingredient locally (or run out), what do you do?
  1. Let’s talk plating – how big of a deal is it really for you and does it really make a difference?
  1. Are there any tricks you use to plan how to plate a dish?
  1. People love instagramming their food; how important is social media like Instagram in the restaurant bizz?
  1. What’s your favourite food to eat on a lazy weekend day?
  2. How much does atmosphere come from the staff?

  3. What is the first thing you tell someone who starts working for you?


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