5 Minute Mav: George Dowdle

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George Dowdle, better known to many of us as The Oyster Guy. George has been harvesting oysters off the coast of his native Price Edward Island for more than 25 years. Given his love of oysters, George is committed to ensuring that the seafood industry in the Maritimes remains as vibrant as ever. When he’s not plucking oysters from the water, he is actively ensuring that local governments work to ensure that the oysters’ habitat remains clean. Water pollution has been a growing problem throughout the local fishing areas, but George has gathered a team of local industry professionals who will no doubt make a significant difference to the area’s aquaculture. George’s oysters are sought after by oyster aficionados. So, he makes sure to export them throughout most of Canada, the United States and the world, even as far as Saudi Arabia.

Favourite type of oyster?

Our own Green Gables.

Favourite colour?


What do you hate the most?

People who lie to me, and people who think they are better then everyone else.

What natural talent would you like to have?

The ability to heal others’ pain or sickness.

Define happiness.

Having good close friends and good health. Money can’t buy those things.


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