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Vanity Fair made the Proust Questionnaire more famous than … well Proust himself did. And now Quench has it’s own spin. It’s simple. 5 questions to the mavericks out there. Every Thursday we’ll be profiling one mav or another. In our inaugural 5 Minute Mav we’re talking to Tidings contributor, Crystal Luxmore, who recently earned her beer sommelier Certified Cicerone designation.

What was your first beer?

A Labatt 50 that my best friend and I stole from her parents on a camping trip. I still like that beer.

If you were dropped on a desert island, what would you bring?

A sharp knife, pictures of my family and friends, a solar-powered CD player and some Bob Marley, Beach Boys and Enter the Wu-Tang, the 30 or more books on my shelves that I haven’t read yet, and a case of Baladin X-Fume for those long, lonely nights.

Cheese or chocolate with beer?


Favourite book?

Loose Change. I am obsessed with the sixties and quests for empowerment.

What is your favorite journey?

The Southeast Asia backpacker loop — Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. I spent a few months there in my early 20s and they were some of the best of my life.

Follow Crystal on twitter and visit her web site at crystalluxmore.com.


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