I Want To Enjoy It

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A couple of issues back I talked about building my backyard deck. Like with all great projects it went over schedule and over budget. I’m not comparing it to the coliseum, but its scope was grander than I first anticipated — my eyes were bigger than my wallet. Looking back at the project, it’s not even the wasted money that bothers me. I never really got to enjoy the fruits of my labour. Before I knew it there were two feet of snow covering every inch of my yard. I was hugely disappointed.

Spring is here now. The trees are budding and my neighbours are slowly fading into the green. I have my yard again. But why do I feel like I still have a ton of work to do? Because I do — coincidentally it’s that phrase that got me into this mess in the first place. We always want to enhance our leisure experience. As more of us start to spend a bulk of our time at home, we look to the backyard to be all things. An oasis with a party-ready theme.

BBQs are bought. Patio stones are swept. Kindling is cut for the s’mores. Our yards are open for business. Or are they. They’re never quite there. So in this issue we decided to help you along. Summer seems so short in Canada that we need to get the most out of our yards. So start with Merle Rosenstein, as she highlights some interesting ways to dress up your outdoor oasis. Then, once you have it all done, you’ll want to have a party. Our cocktail database will inspire your with party drinks, while our living section will help you plan the perfect bash. And, of course, you’ll need some wine for that. Run to our wine tasting notes, for some more ideas. That should give you a boost.


Aldo Parise is the publisher of Quench Magazine. After running 4 magazines, including Riot and men's magazine Under Pressure, he's settled nicely into his role as top drinker and food yummer guy. You can see him in the pages of Quench, Food and Drink Magazine.

One response to “I Want To Enjoy It”

  1. ed pierce says:

    I think the perfect yard only exist in the home store advertisements where they can touch up the ad content. You are right about just dressing it up the best you can and enjoying it. The most important part is the friends we have over.

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