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There are those among us who revel in the frigid temperatures of the season and the mounds of snow. These are hardy souls. I have to admit that I can’t count myself among them. Those cold winds that blow keep me indoors, ensconced in front of the fireplace, comfort food and a glass of wine at my side. Even the thought of venturing out freezes my blood. At this time of year, I can’t help but look longingly forward to spring. Come March, Mother Nature could throw her worst at me, and it wouldn’t matter. I know that soon the snow will be a distant memory and the winds will be warm and pleasant. The February/March issue of Tidings Magazine brings you a whole host of ideas to bid farewell to winter and herald in the spring.



Small Bites Robert Hausner
Santos Brenda McMillan
Secret Weapon Carolyn Evans-Hammond
Talking to the Man Evan Saviolidis
Butta Lynn Ogryzlo
Noir in the Dark Matthew Sullivan
Heart of Hormiga Tod Stewart
Flat As … Duncan Holmes
– palachinkas
– crêpes
– linda’s pancake
– a dominican difference
– sourdough starter

à la carte

From the Editor
Conversations Letters to the editor
Simple Living Michael Volpatt
– pasta with cherry tomatoes, caramelized onions and crispy bacon
Umami Joanne Will
Anything But Martinis Sheila Swerling-Puritt
-vodka blush
– madras
– the harvard
Bon Vivant Peter Rockwell
Bites Andrew George Jr.
– toody in juniper duck
– tsaibesa’s bannock
Bouquet Garni Nancy Johnson
– macaroni and cheese with a twist
– chicken pot pie
– fall apart meat (braised pot roast)
– chicken soup
Final Word Tony Aspler

the notes

Tasty An appetizing selection of food-friendly faves
Da Vine Gurvinder Bhatia
The Buying Guide Top wines from around the world scored


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