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Kitchens were, at one time, the domaine of the housewife who was solely responsible for preparing her family’s meals. Now, the whole family is likely to pitch in and help. But, if your home’s kitchen is small, having two or more people trying to access plates, utensils and food from storage areas can be a nightmare. Whether or not you’re in the market for a major or minor kitchen renovation, keep these storage solutions handy. Implementing as many as you can will go a long way toward making your time in the kitchen more relaxing and fun.

separate food and utensils Keeping dry goods (like cereal, flour, cookies, etc) all together on one side of the kitchen and storing cooking utensils on the other will give the kitchen better traffic flow.

make drawer organizers your friends Fit as many drawer organizers as you can in each drawer or shelf. They help to keep items clean, neat and tidy.

use a spice rack Keep all those dried herbs and spices in a countertop or wall-mounted spice rack. My kitchen is just too small to accommodate anything else on the counters or the wall. I bought a small low-sided basket in which I placed all of my dried herbs and spices. The packages are neatly lined up, so I can easily see what’s there.

put a lazy susan to work Sometimes, corner cabinets can be awkward and difficult to access. Instead of loading it up with stuff or ignoring it completely, get yourself a lazy susan. This handy spinning device comes in two kinds: one that’s bolted to the inside of the cabinet and having two spinning shelves, and another that remains loose and is about the size of a plate.


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