Postcards from Spain: Day Dos

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I love the coffee here. Espresso with a short shot of hot milk, it comes steaming hot with crema on the top in a small cup or a glass. Smooth and sweet, rich with a touch of acidity, it is incredibly satisfying. I can’t seem to get enough and stop often during the day, which isn’t ideal when I get into bed at night with sleep in mind.

I also love the Sherry. Williams & Humbert, the makers of Dry Sack (and others), was my first stop of the day. Their Bodega, a few minutes by taxi from the hotel, is a huge building with arched columns and stack upon stack of black casks. It is very impressive, but their building pales next to their wines. Williams and Humbert Collection Fino is a pale straw colour and has a slightly smokey, bacony nose which carries forward and blends with citrus in the mouth.

Typically Fino Sherry is paired with Jamon Iberico (local ham – more on that in a later blog), anchovies and other fish, including sushi. It is a favourite with tapas and is unique, maybe in the world, because it absolutely sings with any dish that contains vinegar. 

The weather is glorious, the patios welcoming and the wine is superb. Wish you were here?

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