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While it is unusual for me to be drinking wine at 9:00 a.m., I certainly don’t object, especially if the wines are worth it. When Bernard Stramwasser (Le Sommelier Inc. Exclusive Wine Agents) brought along some of his gems for me to taste early one morning, we sat in my garden office and talked about Austrian Wine.

His first treat, Nigl Grüner Veltliner Gartling 2009 from Kremstal is from a single vineyard. Light and crisp in style, it smells like a bowl of peaches, lychees and grapefruit (all appropriate for breakfast). A slight spritz and solid acidity make this wine refreshingly delicious for $20.95.

Next, we moved to Loimer, a certified organic and bio-dynamic winery. Their Grüner Veltliner Kamptal 2009  is a richer, denser, chewier wine with citrus and peach flavours and a spicy finish. 12.5% alcohol. $19.95.

Also from Loimer (I like their fresh and simple labels) comes their Riesling Kamptal 2008. Dry, full of apple and citrus flavours and a wonderful minerality, it has a very satisfying finish. A steal at $19.95.

While these are invigorating beverages to begin a day, they don’t match breakfast as well as juice does, so save these wines for lunch, dinner and sipping. Available directly from Bernard Stramwasser.

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Brenda McMillan is thrilled by new sights, sounds, aromas and flavours, and old buildings, barrels and friends. She travels at the drop of a corkscrew and is always "just back" from somewhere.

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