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Pimentón Spanish & Mediterranean Fine Foods was the venue on Monday, March 22 for the launch of the newest super-premium Spanish extra virgin olive oil. Full Moon is the latest offering from Pago Baldios de San Carlos. Capitalizing on the success of the Extremadura-based company’s award-wining Oro San Carlos, Full Moon sports a number of unique features that have already made it a favourite of top chefs and home gourmets alike.

“Full Moon is pressed from very early-picked olives,” revealed Dolores Smith, President, The Olivar Corp, whose company imports this as well as many other top-notch Spanish oils (see Tidings December 09 / January 10). “For the first vintage, this occurred during the first full moon in October; on October 4th at six in the morning to be exact.”  The reason for getting everyone up and working so early is that it is at this point where the olives have attained the perfect balance between ripeness and greenness, resulting in an oil that is both delicate and complex.

The olives for Full Moon are of the Arbequina variety and are crushed and pressed within an hour of picking, and within two hours are transferred to oxygen-inert stainless steel tanks to preserve freshness prior to bottling.

And speaking of bottles, Full Moon is packaged in a striking matte-black cube designed by Spanish architect Mariano Martin and clearly hints at a growing trend among Spanish oil producers – one no doubt foreshadowed by the wine industry: make the package as attractive as its contents.

The tasting, which showcased a range of oils represented by The Olivar Corp., was capped off by a delicious range of authentic Spanish tapas courtesy of Lola Csulog-Fernández, Chef/Owner of Pimentón, a shop that specializes in quality Spanish ingredients as well as prepared food, catering and cooking classes.

Full Moon is available in limited quantities in a few gourmet food stores in Toronto and surrounding areas and retails in the $45.00 range. Contact The Olivar Corp. for more info.


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