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If you’ve watched even a minimal amount of television or visited a grocery store lately, you’ll have noticed the increasing number of ads for fruit drinks ending in “ade” and “beverage.” As tasty as those drinks might be, the problem is that the wording and graphics on the containers mask the fact that the drinks are overloaded with sugar and lacking essential vitamins. Look closely at the label to find out if it’s made with 100 per cent natural juice and is free of added sugars. Then, you can be sure to get a drink that’s loaded with nutrients the body needs to stay healthy and strong.

Here’s what you should look for:

1.  Scrutinize wording carefully. “Drinks,” “ades,” and “cocktails” often contain added sugars and very little natural fruit juice.

2.  Look for juices that contain “100 per cent juice.” This ensures that the juice is 100 per cent natural, and comes only from the whole fruit.

3.  Ensure that additions don’t camouflage the nutritional value of the beverage. Wording like “fortified with Vitamin C” often distracts from the fact that there is very little natural fruit juice and few essential vitamins.

“Canadians should be aware that punches, cocktails, and energy drinks often contain significant amounts of added sugars and very little natural fruit juice,” says Lydia Knorr, MHSc, a Registered Dietitian. “When choosing fruit beverages for their families, it’s important that Canadians choose the most nutritious option. With zero fat and sodium, and no added sugars, 100 per cent pure orange juice is one of the healthiest choices you can make.”

One hundred per cent pure orange juice fuels the body with vital nutrients which help maintain energy levels throughout the day. High energy levels are especially crucial for growing kids, teenagers and young adults. Thiamin, found in orange juice plays a key role by helping the body transform nutrients and carbohydrates into a constant energy supply. Potassium helps boost metabolism for people of all ages and supplies the nourishment needed to stay energetic. And folate is crucial to healthy cell production and function.


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