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A former colleague and her husband had an interesting way of keeping the romance fired up. They would pack love notes in with the other’s lunch. Apparently, they had the right idea. Parenting expert, Dr. Michele Borba, suggests that we expand that concept to include our kids, too. Surprise love notes are a great way to stay connected to every family member.

There’s no doubt about it, mornings, afternoons and evenings are busy times for families. Between checking homework, getting the kids to school, afternoon practices and activities, there is little time for parents to connect with their children let alone each other. A recent survey found that while nine-out-of-ten parents would prefer to tell their children they love them in person, almost half try to stay connected through notes of affection. See? It’s not that unusual at all.

Borba says, “As a parent I know that your day is busy, it’s something that you can’t avoid. But it’s how we can make up for it that makes all the difference. Think of creative ways to send a little love to your kids while they are at school, such as putting a note in their lunch bag or tucking it in their coat pocket. Little reminders that mom and dad are rooting for them or just thinking about them, even when they aren’t there, can boost children’s attitude and turn their day around.”

The survey revealed that “over half of Canadian parents have never put a note in their child’s lunch bag. Try it with every one in your household. Include a funny message or an inspiring note along with lunch. Prefer digital communication? You and your family can stay connected via voicemail, video attachments to emails or cell phones.

Other findings of note:

• 56 per cent of Canadian parents find that their child needs encouragement on their first day back at school.

• While 50 per cent of Canadian parents would express love to their child if they were to write a lunch note, 29 per cent would wish their child a good day.

• 54 per cent of Canadian parents would most likely offer words of encouragement to their child during milestone moments (such as the first day of school) if they were sending a message.

Whether or not you have children, whether or not your children are school-aged, how do you connect with your family during the day?


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