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Kitchen scales are a great complement to measuring cups and spoons. Actually, many chefs prefer to use nothing but. It’s always a good idea to have a good kitchen scale tucked into a cupboard, or better yet, mounted on a wall within easy reach. Pull it out any time you need an exact measurement of dry or liquid ingredients.

There’s actually a very good reason why you should consider relegating your measuring cups and spoons to the deep, dark recesses of your kitchen. Using cups to measure ingredients in a recipe can often affect the outcome because the amount that fits into a cup can change depending on the size of the grain and how firmly it’s packed. Weighing an ingredient will tell you exactly how much you have.

Modern scales come in all shapes and sizes, from those with digital read-outs to those with a classic dial face. The main factor to consider when purchasing a kitchen scale is whether the size of the platform is large enough to hold any ingredient you might want to measure.

Here are some Salter scales available at most kitchen supply stores.









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