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Looking for a beautiful and environmentally friendly addition for your kitchen? Try bamboo. In recent years, the uniqueness and beauty of bamboo cutting boards have prompted many consumers to take notice and bring them into their homes. Totally Bamboo has introduced a new line of products that is “shaping up” to raise interest to a higher level.

Totally Bamboo’s Tropical Series Cutting & Serving Boards come in creative and fun shapes. The products are designed with tropical in-lay in the shape of surf boards, pineapples and Ukuleles. Great for parties or everyday use, the fanciful designs make interesting conversation pieces. Bamboo is a renewable resource and is harder than traditional hardwoods making these products durable and long-lasting. Designed with earth friendly living in mind, the Tropical series of cutting boards are made from organically cultivated bamboo. They are also free from formaldehyde adhesives, dyes or stains.

Up to now, traditional hardwood cutting boards, like those made from bamboo, had to be washed by hand due to the nature of the adhesives used in them. But the new GreenLite series of bamboo cutting boards from Totally Bamboo saves water, time and effort in the kitchen, because they are the first bamboo boards that are safe to be cleaned in a dishwasher.  These products use “TriPly” construction. They are built using a food-grade adhesive that withstands the high temperature of the dishwasher without compromising the durability or quality of the board. 

Bamboo is a natural choice for cutting boards because of its inherent anti-bacterial qualities and scratch resistant surface. While its impressive durability stands up well to the rigours of daily use, the thickness of the old style boards made the bamboo boards heavy. Totally Bamboo has designed the GreenLite series to be ultra lightweight.

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