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Many people put a lot of time and effort into buying the right pots and pans, but little consideration into choosing bakeware. Having assorted sizes and types of quality baking pans and sheets ensures perfect results with little hassle. Here’s a list of some essential bakeware to get you started.

Cookie Sheets

Cookie sheets are fabulous kitchen tools because they’re useful in a multitude of ways. Not to be confused with jellyroll pans, cookie sheets don’t have high sides. They should be completely flat to allow heat to circulate evenly around each cookie. The best ones have an air pocket sandwiched in between two layers of steel. Every kitchen should have at least two of varying size. Not just for baking, a cookie sheet placed in the oven while you’re baking cheesy pizza or a juicy pie will provide great drip protection.

8-inch Round Cake Pans

Equip your kitchen with two 8-inch round cake pans. Perfect for creating layer cakes, they can be used to bake bread pudding, fruit crisps or pot pies. Choose non-stick pans if you’d like a healthier alternative.

9-inch Pie Pan 

One pie pan is all you really need to create yummy lemon meringue, fruit or coconut cream pies.

13×9-inch Square Pan

Nanaimo bars, Rice Crispy squares or brownies are just a few of the treats you can stir up in a square pan. Use it to bake savoury dishes, too, such as lasagna, chicken casserole or cauliflower parmigiana.

12-Cup Muffin Pan

Do you love to start your morning with a fresh-baked muffin or impress your friends with homemade Yorkshire Pudding? One muffin pan is all you need to make these and more when the craving strikes.


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