Vermouth di Torino

Organizing Vermouth di Torino is great for everyone

By Erika Mantovan

Turin is the middle of something big. Besides the recent creation of the Vermouth di Torino Protected Geographical Indication, there seemed to be a need for further regulation. Requested by the producers and the Turin Vermouth Institute, this April will see the development of the Consortium of Vermouth di Torino. This gathering of entrepreneurs includes growers, processors of Piedmontese medicinal herbs and bottlers. The goal is to promote and maintain the quality of Vermouth coming from Turin. According to the decree, the Vermouth of Turin “is an aromatized wine obtained in Piedmont from one or more Italian wine products, all added with alcohol, then flavoured mainly with Artemisia jointly with other herbs and spices.”

But there is so much more in the bottle.

The increasing of interest in the United States and elsewhere has brought a number of new bottles made with ancient recipes both original or reinterpreted for the mixology market. In order to help you celebrate the year of the Negroni, we suggest some of the top producers from Turin.



Cocchi Storico

Created for the anniversary of Vermouth, this bottling is a sweet one with a deep amber colour. It has a special elegance, an incredible velvety sip and a well-balanced body.

Antica Formula

Produced in limited quantities, each bottle numbered and labelled with the original graphic dating back to 1786. It creates a sweet, round and fresh taste due to hints of red fruits, saffron and herbs.

Vermouth del Professore

Made entirely by the Antica Distilleria Quaglia, it is aged for six months in small oak barrels. Balsamic and bitter notes are mixed with the orange and gentian hint in the after taste.


Artisanal and old fashioned labels are reborn in a contemporary setting thanks to the passion of a group of friends. Its fragrance and freshness are melded together with liquorice and red citrus fruits for a lovely and typical vermuttino, the cocktail of Turin.

Antica Torino

It is a new project made with white grapes from Italy and special recipe including 13 herbs which gives you a deep and delicate sip, rich in taste, nice balance of acid and alcohol.




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