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Make Your Mark. Leave No Trace.

Maker’s Mark bottle dipping

An old adage states: With great power comes great responsibility. Those at Maker’s Mark distillery – creator of one of the world’s top-selling and most recognized Kentucky bourbon whiskies – might be a bit too humble to embrace the “power” part, but they do recognize that, as one of the most significant forces in the spirits world, a responsibility exists.

On the one hand, there’s the responsibility to constantly live up to whiskey-lovers‘ expectations, crafting the finest bourbon possible, year in, year out. There’s also the responsibility to do so in a way that minimizes environmental impact and upholds individual and community values. As part of its ongoing effort to embrace the motto “Make Your Mark. Leave No Trace,” and use the power of business to address social and environmental issues, Maker’s Mark has received B Corporation (B Corp) Certification. 

The achievement sees Maker’s Mark become the largest distillery in the world – and the first in Kentucky’s Bourbon County – to be awarded the distinction, a distinction that recognizes significant accomplishments in several areas, including Community, Customers, Environment, Governance and Workers – areas where Maker’s Mark has historically – and consistently – excelled.

 Awarded by B Lab, an international, non-profit network that is transforming the global economy with an aim to benefit all people, communities, and the planet, it aims to help companies “balance profit with purpose,” and its aims and objectives fit purposely with those of Maker’s Mark.

“Since 1953, my grandparents instilled a sense of responsibility here at Maker’s Mark that started with the way we make our bourbon and extended to the way we impact the lives of our teams, our customers, our communities and our shared environment,” Rob Samuels, 8th Generation Whisky Maker and Grandson of the Founders at Maker’s Mark explains. “That commitment to a higher purpose continues to live on, both here in Kentucky and beyond. I am so proud of our team’s tireless efforts that have earned us B Corp certification, and I’m even more excited to continue pioneering social and environmental initiatives that benefit the future of bourbon and greater good for all.”

The distillery has implemented a number of innovative programs designed to minimize the environmental impact of distilling and preserving natural resources. These include a distillery-wide zero-landfill initiative, as well as the use of solar-assisted power in the warehouses, and a community-accessible recycling program.

The brand’s B Corp certification is just one step on the company’s environmentally conscious mission to “Make Your Mark, Leave No Trace”, meaning bold, proactive, regenerative actions (Make Your Mark) coupled with comprehensive efforts to leave nothing harmful behind (Leave No Trace).

Rob Samuels

Maker’s Mark is committed to providing consumers with the finest expression of bourbon whiskey possible in a way that respects the environment and the community. It is no surprise it has achieved B Corp Certification, joining a list of 4,000 international corporations that have received such recognition. 

For more information about Maker’s Mark and its efforts for good, visit https://www.makersmark.com/ca/distillery.

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