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A glimpse into the Finest Austrian Wine & Food pairings

Wine tasting at home © Austrian Wine / Blickwerk Fotografie

Austrian wines offer the perfect accompaniment to an array of dishes and food styles, from Central European to Mediterranean cuisine, right through to Asian and cross-culturally inspired fusion dishes. This is due to their compact and elegant body and fresh style; the result of climatic conditions.

An increasing number of top-restaurants in major international cities from New York to Tokyo choose to list wines from Austria. This is because the best sommeliers can introduce these fresh and complex styles of wines to their guests and know that they will be enthusiastic about them.


Bulgogi beef and red wine © Austrian Wine / Blickwerk Fotografie

Whether modern pan-Asian fusion cuisine or classic dishes from Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, India or regional China: Austria has the right wines for every dish. The charming Grüner Veltliner from Austria is always a good choice. With its full, balanced body and its power and finesse, Grüner Veltliner is the ideal companion for an array of Asian dishes prepared in a variety of ways. Whether fish or meat, fish appetizers or even classic Dim Sum and Spring Rolls – there is perfect harmony.


When Italian pasta gets involved with Austrian wine, it is anything but complicated. After all, Austria has the perfect partner in a glass for every pasta dish.

Linguine al Pesto or Spaghetti Carbonara are simple but ingenious classics. They are full of flavour and therefore need a stronger wine. Chardonnay (called “Morillon” in Austria) or Sauvignon Blanc from Austria are the ones to go to for these dishes. Its fine spiciness and good structure on the palate also impress pasta and wine lovers.

Zweigelt variety is also simply ideal with modern Italian dishes such as lasagne – elegant and with enough body for the rich sauce. Lovers of spicy pasta, such as penne all’arrabiata, will find their dream with this red wine from Austria. The interplay of spiciness and fruity aromas in the full-bodied wine – that’s amore!


If you are looking for the perfect wine to combine with meet and barbecue flavours – Austrian wine is what you were looking for. Blaufränkisch simply goes perfectly with the popular steak. With its invigorating acidity and charming tannins, Blaufränkisch freshens up sumptuous steaks wonderfully. Those who like their meat spicier are well advised to go for a wine from the Reserve category; this is stronger and shows just as much spice in the glass. Tip: enjoy slightly chilled.

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