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A few years ago, I was stopped in Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market by TV host Wendy MesIey who, upon holding up a microphone asked, “What’s the most outrageous cell phone bill you’ve ever had?” When I responded, “I don’t have a cell phone,” she looked at me like I had nine eyes.

I’ll admit to holding out on a cell phone purchase to the point where I had a choice of either losing touch with all my friends or caving. I caved and added yet one more distraction (albeit a convenient one) to my distraction-riddled life.

For most of us, cell phones are the new landlines. But for people living outside a significant population centre, poor cell phone reception can make smoke signals a better option. Luckily for those in such a predicament, there’s the weBoost line of cell phone signal boosters. These devices use a series of antennae to lock on to voice and data transmissions and amplify the signal 32 times before sending it along to the user’s cell phone.

I was fortunate to receive the weBoost 4G Connect Cell Phone Signal Booster to take for a test ride. Thing is, my cell phone reception at home is fine. A friend of mine’s, however, is (or should I say was) not.

Though Jamie’s home in Erin, Ontario, is only about an hour’s drive northwest of the GTA, his cell reception essentially sucked, with static and dropped calls being the exception rather than the rule. And, as the owner of Heritage Cellars – a company representing top-quality wines from around the world – poor connectivity to his customers and international suppliers was becoming a growing concern. Who better to put the G4 Connect through its paces? I’m pleased to present his findings:

“Installation right out of the box was super easy and the directions were simple to follow,” he reports. “After powering up the unit I immediately went from having no bars registering reception and constant dropped calls, to having three bars and a crystal clear connection, even in my basement!

“The weBoost 4G Connect is a real game changer if you live out in the country. I’d highly recommended the unit to anyone who’s struggling with their provider’s current reception.”

Jamie told me this over the phone – with no static or dropouts and crystal clear reception.

weBoost 4G Connect Cell Phone Signal Booster / $799.99

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