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A great shelving unit can make a room – it pulls the eye and with it the rest of the body. The design needs to be flawless and adaptable, so that it suit your needs. Vitsœ’s 606 Universal Shelving unit does exactly that.

Designed by Dieter Rams in 1960, this modern shelving unit is clean and minimalistic. The strong, slender shelves are mounted on an “e-track” and can be arranged in any orientation. They come in four depths, two widths and a multitude of formats. There is a cabinet for everyone – drawers and doors to hide things; racks, shelves and compartments for organizing your life; desk and table tops; sloping displays for your shoes; and a hanging rail for all of your fancy clothes. You can mix and match until you get a combination of cabinetry that suits your purposes.

Unlike some major furniture companies, Vitsœ won’t leave you to take on the layout and construction of the unit alone. Every unit is coaxed into existence by a “planner” – a professional aid to creating your dream unit. This person will design the unit to suit your needs; they will prepare the specs and answer all of your questions. Once it is ready, they will coach you through the installation or get someone to install it for you.

Adaptable, the units move with you. You won’t have to trash it because it doesn’t come off the wall – you can remove it and re-install it in your new home. The initial $1000 to $2500 cost may seem steep, but these units last a life time… and they won’t go out of style.


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