Sommelier by Breville: decant on demand

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Sommelier by Breville

I’ve come to really love Breville products. I’ve reviewed The Smoking Gun, have their Nespresso machine and look forward to purchasing their rice cooker (among other things). What I’ve come to love about Breville is the sturdy, useful products they create. I suppose that also includes their Sommelier by Breville machine.

This device decants wine quickly and consistently. One hour of normal, pour-and-wait decanting takes only one minute. This speed is achieved with the use of 90% oxygen bubbled into the carafe and distributed to each drop of wine (normally, decanting is done with regular, 2% oxygen touching only the surface and trying its best to sink down).

The Sommelier decanter consistently produces well oxygenated wines. Every time. You can customize the decanting process to suit the varietal and vintage.

I can understand the benefits of such a device. If you’re notoriously forgetful, you won’t have to worry about your dinner wine being too closed to drink. If you’re impatient, well, you get your wine in minutes rather than hours. Impulsive? You can fly by the seat-of-your-pants and pick a wine at the start of dinner. These are all good things, for sure. But for many, the hefty price tag may hold them back.

Sommelier by Breville is a device for very serious wine aficionados, restaurateurs and frequent dinner partiers. If you decant a lot of wine every week, it’s worth the investment. Overall, it’s a nifty gadget that isn’t a requirement but can potentially elevate your dinner parties… or at the very least, make it easier to serve your wines on demand.

Sommelier by Breville / $699.95

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