Smirnoff Red Sangria & White Sangria

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Summertime is when I head to the beach, much like most people, I imagine. I usually pack a few cans of something – usually beer – to enjoy in the hot sun while I turn into a red-skinned monster. This year, I’m going to pack Smirnoff’s Red and White Sangrias. Both “flavours”, if you will, are sufficiently refreshing without the sugar-filled kick that usually makes me turn away from Smirnoff’s “Ice” brand coolers. Plus both are carbonated, making the experience more akin to a refreshing soft drink than an alcoholic cooler.


White Sangria

This one was my favourite and, honestly, tasted a lot like a Smirnoff Ice Original, without the sweet kick to the tastebuds. I poured it into a glass (I’m classy like that) but it could just as easily be enjoyed from the can. The first thing I noticed when I poured was the scent of fruit-flavoured candy wafting out of the glass. Think fuzzy peaches or pears. These were there in the flavours as well, though more subtle. It was tangy and refreshing with a touch of sweetness; no lingering finish, either.


Red Sangria

On the nose, there was a lot of “red” smells – fruit punch, chewy red candies (like Swedish berries, gummy bears, jube jubes). It also tasted “red”. Like a unique combination of fruit punch gatorade, red berries, Swedish berries and grapes. There is a citrusy or ginger note (just a touch, nothing overt) that makes it tart/dry/almost astringent. It lingers in the mouth with the same dry/astringent aftertaste; in fact, the finish reminded me a lot of Ginger Ale.


Smirnoff Red Sangria & Smirnoff White Sangria / $3 per can

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