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Toronto-based ELXR Juice Lab makes cold pressed juices made with nutritious ingredients sourced locally and sustainably. Their unique, 100% recycled glass bottles contain healthy alternatives to everyday juices. Less sugar. More nutrients.

Second Base is the second juice in ELXR’s juice cleanse package, which includes four juices, two boosters, one water and one mylk. Though you can also buy Second Base bottles individually, in 8 oz or 16oz (I would suggest the 8 oz bottle for anyone trying it for the first time). It is a blend of cucumber, green apple, spinach, parsley, kale, lemon and ginger. The label states that Second Base provides detox, acts as a digestive aid, boosts your immune system, promotes healthy skin, anti-oxidizes and stabilizes your blood sugar.

When I received the Second Base, I was a bit … hesitant to try it. The contents has separated into a clear almost-golden liquid on top with a dark green, well, sludge at the bottom. A quick (and vigorous) shake gave me a pea-soup green mixture that looked like it would coat my mouth in a thick film. I have to admit, I was preparing myself for the worst.

I shouldn’t have. It was delicious.

Cucumber scents wafted out of the bottle the moment I opened it, and intensified as I poured it into a glass. The colour and apparent texture remained; but the fresh cucumber smell gave me hope. On first taste, cucumber overwhelms, followed by a wonderful green-apple bite and slight hints of green plants. The texture was not at all pea soup. It was smooth, juicy and refreshing, much like any fresh-pressed juice.

Overall, Second Base tastes exactly like cucumber water filled with green apple slices and a sprig or three of something green.

ELXR is currently only available in Toronto and can only ship within Ontario (depending on the location). I’m hoping that they’ll eventually expand to include all of Canada so that I can try out the full “cleanse” package.

Second Base by ELXR Juice Lab / $8 for 8 oz; $11.50 for 16 oz

You should also try their Gold Brew.


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