Rouge Gorge Cider Vermouth, Domaine Lafrance, Quebec

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Ah, vermouth. The fortified flavoured wine we all know and love to include in our Martinis. Or sip as an aperitif. The vermouth has evolved since its Italian birth in the mid- to late-18th century. You can find vermouths in sweet, dry, extra-dry, red, amber, rosé and, now, cider.

Rouge Gorge is produced by Quebec-based orchard, cider house and distillery, Domaine Lafrance. It’s a very dark, almost solid-looking caramel brown colour, with a slight, sweet taste reminiscent of Coca Cola (the original, not the diet or what-have-you). Apples pop on the palate, which shouldn’t be a surprise given it’s a cider-based vermouth. The combination of those flavours, one right after the other, is oddly appealing. It finishes warm with hints of berries and hangs on, lingering for a really long time. I found the end a bit unpleasant – tingled and was a bit sour – but others I tasted with found it nice.

Overall, the Rouge Gorge is smooth and sip-able. A nice change from the standard vermouths and a great conversation starter for your next party.

Rouge Gorge Cider Vermouth / $25

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