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I love plants. I can’t grow a garden to save my life, but I’ve discovered that potted plants actually do survive in my household… probably because my boyfriend cares for them. In an apartment, gardens really aren’t an option, but potted houseplants bring the joys of nature inside. It’s just a matter of picking the right plants for your home.

Purifying Chrysanthemums

Care: Full sun. Water thoroughly, allowing it to dry between each watering.
Tightly sealed energy efficient homes are great for your hydro bill but not your home’s air quality. Chrysanthemums neutralize most types of chemicals from the air, including ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, trichloroethylene and xylene. They also add a bright splash of colour.

Healing Aloe

Care: Indirect sunlight. Water only when soil is dry. Protect from cold and frost.
Not only are Aloe plants great for healing cuts and burns (instead of always having to stock up on Polysporin), it also is your first indicator of pollutants in your home. Monitor the plant closely for brown spots – these appear when the plant is exposed to chemicals.

Peaceful Lilies

Care: Shaded areas. Keep soil moist, but don’t overwater. Fertilize in the winter.
The Peace Lily is a beautiful white flowering plant that brings peace. Capable of reaching 6 feet tall, most average only 16 inches. It flowers in the early summer and blooms throughout the year, ensuring a little bit of tranquility even on the most stressful of days.

Tough Tropical Flora

Care: Indirect sunlight. Weekly watering; less frequently in the winter.
Bromeliads, a tree-clinging tropical flora with vivid leaves that are just as attractive as any flowering blossom, need a specific set of conditions to bloom, but luckily that’s not necessary. Having developed in tropical climes, this hearty plant can live through just about anything.


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