Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Digital Camera

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Point and shoot cameras have improved leaps and bounds since the era of film photography. As with every trend, film is making its comeback – specifically the instant photo version of film photography.

The Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Digital Camera is a nice blend of instant photo and digital. It is quite literally the best of both worlds. A little bit bigger (thicker) than an iPhone 5S – and a lot heavier – the cute, smooth design is easy to hold. It’s so smooth that there is some concern that it might slip out of your hands, so I personally suggest you use the wrist strap.

Added bonus – you can connect your phone to the camera so you can print photos from your phone (for example, if you snap a great selfie with a friend and want to give them a memento, you can!) So really, it’s an instant camera, a digital camera AND a photo printer, all wrapped up in one.

It uses thermal printing technology to ensure the photos are crisp and clean. Each photo has an adhesive backing, so you can stick them on your fridge. The only downside is that the print outs aren’t the best quality. The colour is a bit off. But that makes them perfect for novelty polaroids – and you can use the digital version to print higher quality photos later.

For a look at the quality of the Polaroid Snap Touch’s digital images, see the Gallery of Photos Quench editor-in-chief, Aldo Parise, took when he was reviewing the Snap Touch for the below video.

Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Digital Camera / $230 – $240

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