Organic Traditions Roasted Baru Seeds & Sorghum Cereal

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Organic Traditions Baru Seeds and Cereal

Organic Traditions offers a variety of organic herbs, superfoods, teas, lattes and so much more. We reviewed their lattes last week, so now we thought we’d taste test their more crunchy products. As we mentioned in the latte article, Organic Traditions is dedicated to the green initiative. Their products are not only good for our health, but also sustainably sourced, certified organic, kosher, non-GMO and so much more. If you like supporting family-owned companies dedicated to the environment and their customers, they are a good choice.

Alright, onto the tasting. We received Organic Traditions Baru Seeds and Organic Traditions Golden Turmeric Probiotic Sorghum Cereal. Both of these are marketed as snacks, though the cereal is more for adding to already made snacks and dishes, rather than just eating it with a spoon. Here are our thoughts on these healthy snacks.

Organic Traditions Roasted Baru Seeds

Sold in 150 gram packages, Organic Traditions Roasted Baru Seeds are sustainably grown and harvested, in the Cerrado, Brazil’s tropical Savannah. Marketed as a healthy alternative to peanuts, each Baru Seed serving (30 grams) has seven grams of protein and 43% DV Vitamin E. If you, or someone you love, can’t eat nuts and has an aversion to meat, these little seeds just may be the answer. We would like to note that in the fine print on the back of the packaging, Organic Traditions mentions that the Baru Seeds are packaged in a facility that processes tree nuts. So be careful if you have a tree nut allergy.

Organic Traditions Roasted Baru Seeds are “gently roasted to improve digestibility and offer the same nutty satisfaction as peanuts”. They mention that you can eat the seeds as-is for a snack, or use it in place of, well, any nut really, to make Baru butter. Of course, none of this matters if they don’t taste very good. Luckily, they’re delicious.

They look a bit like a thin kidney beans or smooth almonds. There isn’t a lot of smell when they’re just sitting in the bag, it takes crushing or grinding them to get the almond-y/peanut-y aromas to come forth. Taste wise, they’re exactly like almonds. Or peanuts. Both and neither at the same time. If you like the taste of either (or both) of those nuts, you’ll like Organic Traditions Baru Seeds. One note – the seeds are quite hard and dense. Careful when chomping down.

Roasted Baru Seeds / $14.99

Probiotic Sorghum Cereal Golden Turmeric

Sorghum is a cereal grain, much like corn, with many uses, including as a sweetener. It’s a popular grain to grow in drier regions since it is drought resistant. Sold in 200 gram packages, Organic Traditions Golden Turmeric Probiotic Sorghum Cereal combines sorghum flakes, chia, flax, hemp seeds, turmeric, coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, saffron, prebiotics and probiotics. (The website description also mentions a few exotic berries, but we didn’t see those on the packaging ingredients, so we won’t list them here.) Each half cup serving has 18% of your daily fibre requirement, as well as omega 3 fatty acids, iron and a multitude of other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Like the Baru Seeds, this cereal is made in a facility that processes tree nuts. Just in case you need to know that information.

Organic Traditions Golden Turmeric Sorghum Cereal smells a lot like apple crisp or cooked apple and oats… with a dash of caramel sweetness. This lovely, nostalgic sweet smell is chased away the moment the powder/cereal touches your tongue. The first taste is very salty, softening down to very savoury (turmeric) after a moment or two. Then the sweeter notes crawl in: dark berry flavours; soft warm spices; and a nutty hint trying to fight its way through. The texture is interesting as well – it’s mostly a yellow-orange powder clinging to larger bead-like shapes. These beads give a satisfying crunch to the mix, a bit like a rice crispy or barley.

Overall, we can see this cereal adding nice depth to smoothies or other, sweeter cereals… Maybe even as a good omelette topper!

Probiotic Sorghum Cereal Golden Turmeric / $9.99

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