Norlan Whisky Glass: a must-have for whisky drinkers

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Norlan Whisky Glass

True whisky lovers know that the glass you use changes your drinking experience. The designers and creative minds at Norlan know this as well, which is why they decided to create the Norlan whisky glass.

The glass is hand-blown borosilicate (that’s a type of glass composed of silica and boron trioxide); the glass is very very thin, which means it is lighter than your typical tumbler. There are two “layers”, which is what makes the Norlan glass unique.

The inside, shaped much like a tulip glass, enhances the aromas, while the outside, shaped like an angular tumbler, adds to the aesthetics … and makes it easier to hold onto. Which is a plus since the glass is almost too light and makes me a bit nervous I’ll put it down too forcefully and break it.

There is empty space between the inner and exterior walls. I like this added touch in my drink ware, since it prevents the body heat from my hands warming up the contents of my glass.

Norlan designed the glass to enhance the aromas and it does do that, especially for the harsher whiskies with higher ethanol contents. When considering a nose, the Glencairn glasses may be a bit better, especially for inexperienced tasters. That being said, the Norlan glasses are great for people with really adept noses. And also for anyone who sips socially, since the design is made to prevent you from having to tip your head way back and lose eye contact with their friends.

I love the aesthetics of these glasses. It’s a modern spin of the classic style. What takes this glass one step higher than its competitors is the way whisky looks swirling in the glass. It’s just one of those beautiful experiences.

All in all, the Norlan whisky glasses are a must-have for any whisky drinking, casual and connoisseur.

Norlan Whisky Glass / $60

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