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Marula Rosehip Gold Newt by Elle

People have used natural plant-based oils in beauty treatments for centuries. Australia’s aboriginal tribes used emu oil to moisturize sun-damaged skin. Ancient Egyptians, like the famed Cleopatra, reached for castor, sesame and olive oils. While the use of plant-based oils died down after the Middle Ages, they’re are seeing a resurgence. Over the last decade, people have started looking for natural remedies to skin ailments.

Elle Scotland discovered oils when looking at skin treatments. “I had damaged my skin years back when sun protection was optional,” wrote Scotland in her Maker Story, posted on Nook. “These treatments were very expensive and invasive. I began researching what oils could help to correct sun spots and fell in love with Marula Oil and was thrilled with the results.”

Scotland launched Toronto-based Newt by Elle shortly after. “I wanted to create something that was all-natural, affordable, but also a bit sassy and luxurious,” explained Scotland.

Newt by Elle currently sells three products: Marula Rosehip Gold Oil in two sizes, and Marula Cranberry Seed. According to the website, these oils improve and prolong firmness and youthful elasticity. They’re packed with antioxidants that prevent and reduce sun and environmental damage. They reduce wrinkles, lock in moisture, and repair bumps, blemishes and damaged skin. Finally, the oils have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness and irritation.

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I received a travel-sized bottle of Marula Rosehip Gold Oil and tested it out to see if these oils live up to the hype. The mini bottle fits easily into purse pockets and takes up very little space – making it great for your holiday travels.

As the name suggests, Marual Rosehip Gold contains marula oil, rosehip oil and 24K gold flakes. In addition to marula, rosehip and gold, NEWT added Vitamin E, sandalwood oil, anise oil, grapefruit oil and juniper berry oil to the mix. The end result is a sharp dried flower stem smell in the bottle. When you shake the bottle, it looks a bit like a snow globe: attractive gold flakes drift slowly through the rich gold oil.

I applied three drops on my right hand once or twice a day for two weeks. The eyedropper lid makes it very easy to apply the oil and ensure you don’t spill a drop. It spread evenly and absorbed quickly into the back of my hand. I love that the oil doesn’t cause my dry skin to flare up and redden the way a lot of moisturizers do. It leaves my skin looking healthy, rather than angry.

Unfortunately, my palms were slick and oily for about an hour after application. After the first test, I decided to use one finger to spread the oil around to prevent the dreaded oily palm.

On the skin, it has baby-powder freshness with a floral undertone and a very subtle licorice note. The longer it was on my skin, the more the licorice scent emerges. In fact, the scent became a lot like the Dutch toast-topper, gestampte muisjes (anise powder). The smell lingers all day, to the point where at night, hours after I’ve applied the oil, I can still make it out. By then, the baby powder scents have faded, leaving behind floral and grapefruit notes.

There was a subtle, but noticeable, change in my skin over the course of two weeks. My test hand was less dry and smoother than my other hand. Come winter, this oil will help me in my efforts to prevent the angry red cracked alligator skin my hands usually get. In fact, I plan on using my Marula Rosehip Gold not only on my hands, but also my face, hair, cuticles…. there are a variety of possible uses for NEWT oils.

As for the name – NEWT – Scotland explains why she chose it. “At a young age I began collecting newts and salamanders and kept them in our family solarium in a lush tank. I was fascinated by their mysterious mannerisms and vibrant colours. It is a newt’s slick protective outer layer, the radiance of their neon complexion, and their ability to swiftly adapt to different environments that continuously inspires our brand and is where the name came from.”

You can grab Marula Rosehip Gold oil in the full size bottle (60 ml) or in the travel size (15 ml) at their shop.

Mini Marula Rosehip Gold / $26

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