Mad Jack Tropical Punch

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Mad Jack Tropical Punch

Mad Jack is malt-based canned beverage brand created by Molson Coors Canada; their line started with an apple lager and evolved to include such wonderful flavours as lemon lager, iced tea and root beer. This past summer, they released their summer-inspired Tropical Punch, in Quebec only.

Mad Jack Tropical Punch is a malt beverage; it is made with malt liquor, carbonated water, and a bunch of other things that look like regular ingredients but aren’t exactly.

When I first tasted it, I was expecting a cider flavour, because that’s what I’d remembered Mad Jack to be. It definitely isn’t cider flavoured. Nose of pineapple and mango, reminiscent of a smoothie I used to make when I worked at Ben and Jerry’s. Flavour wise, malt is there, hits at first before the tropical fruit flavours come in. Then we’ve got pineapple and mango – though they are hard to distinguish – with peach in there. Some citrus, as well – which makes sense with the citric and malic acid added to the mix. It tastes like someone said “give us stereotypical tropical flavours” and they did. Lingers a bit in the mouth, not unpleasant. Carbonation adds a bit of fuzz to the sip and probably mellows out the flavours.

Mad Jack Tropical Punch / About $2.75 per can*

*Only available in Quebec (for the time being)


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