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I love doing laundry – when those clothes come out of the dryer and they’re all warm and fluffy, I just love it. When it comes to the fabric softener or dryer sheets debate, I fall hard on the dryer sheets side, mostly because I live in an apartment building where I have to share the machines, so adding fabric softener to the wash is a challenge.

LooHoo Wool Dryer balls are an alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softener. Made from 100% domestic wool, they support American Sheep Farms and the US Farming Industry.

Throw two or three balls in your dryer and let it run. The wool balls soften clothes and reduce dryer time, without any chemicals. I tested them out on two loads – one of clothes and one of towels. The clothes came out soft and very dry (given I’d overloaded the dryer, that was impressive); however, there was a lot of static in the towel load.

I asked Cyndi Price, CEO and Founder of LooHoos about the static issue: “If static becomes an issue (especially in the dry, cold months) one thing that seems to work with static is stopping the dryer 10 – 20 minutes before the end of the cycle and wet a LooHoo,” she wrote. “Toss it back in the dryer and that should help to reduce static since it will help prevent the air inside the dryer from becoming too dry, which creates more static.”

This is a nice change from dryer sheets, which use chemicals to prevent static.

LooHoos are available in a variety of colours. Sold in packs of three, five, nine or 12, they last for a very long time. “It’s really a personal preference on when you decide to retire them,” mentions Price. “Over time, they wear down like an old sweater so they may not be pretty but they’re still functional. So, if you’d like a freshen up your collection with some new ones or maybe you’d to try some new colors, then it’s time to replace.”

The wool balls also come great packaging: the three-pack comes in a box that looks a bit like a dryer; and the five-pack comes in a convenient drawstring bag.

LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls / $30 (pack of 3)

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