Libertine Fragrance Sex & Jasmine EDP

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Libertine Fragrance Sex and Jasmine

Canada has found its way onto the fragrance map… Thanks to a new generation of perfumers. Perfumers like Edmonton-based Joshua Smith, founder and mind behind Libertine Fragrance. Their Eau de Parfum (EDP) Sex & Jasmine blends jasmine, vanilla and ambergris into a floral, warm, animalic aroma profile.

Sex & Jasmine blends together Jasmine Sambac, Sandalwood Absolute, Gernaium, Neroli Absolute, Vanilla Bourbon Extract, Aged Patchouli Essence and Ambergris. According to the Libertine Fragrance website, “Intoxicating aroma of swollen jasmine blooms linger over silken vanilla sheets. The midnight sweat has half erased our floral masks and we collapse, panting triumphant into our animal selves.”

Here’s a decoded version of this description: An animalic note. That is to say, a smell that comes from animals; think musky, salty, subtle skin-like deep note. Jasmine adds floral scents; vanilla gives it that sweet, smooth finish. The ingredients pair well and smell great. Ambergris and vanilla smooth the edges and elevate the combination from nice to grand elegance.

An EDP, this 30ml spray sits close to the body; it lasts 10 hours on your skin and 16 hours on your clothes. It truly is a perfume without pretense, made with the highest quality aromatic materials. You can purchase Sex & Jasmine on the Libertine Fragrance website and at retailers across Canada and the States.

Through Libertine Fragrance, Smith approaches perfume a bit differently than mainstream. He understands that scents and smells are not gender specific – and thus all his fragrances are unisex. “I find gendered marketing very divisive and it can be damaging. It shows a very narrow scope of what it means to be masculine or feminine,” Smith told Avenue Magazine Edmonton writer Courtney Bettin. “There’s always limitations on what’s expected of people, so I think breaking those down a little bit is exciting.”

Smith started Libertine Fragrance in 2014 after attending the Industrial Design program at the University of Alberta. His experimentation with scents unveiled a passion he had not known existed in him. His first public product appeared at a pop-up shop at the university. By the end of 2014, Libertine Fragrance was in stores internationally. “A lot of people think of fragrances as something that’s worn for other people, but I view it as a little treasure that you get to wear around for yourself,” Smith told Bettin. “It’s not an article of clothing or a piece of jewellery so it’s not super overt, you get to just secretly wear it and bring it everywhere you go.”

Sex & Jasmine EDP / $120 per 30ml bottle

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